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Well its been awhile since I posted on my website here but I just wanted to take a minute and tell you that I bought a Motorola Droid X back in December and this thing is amazing. I have used some other people’s iphone’s so I can speak with experience that the Droid is a pretty amazing piece of technology. The iphone is amazing as well, Apple has the lead with the number and quality of apps, but seriously how many fricken aps does one person need anyhow, I think its all a little over the top. Once you have Red Laser, I-nigma, Sound Hound, Angry Birds and a few other applications the rest is just gravy. I really like the DroidX, Motorola could have done a little better job on the UI, but who cares its an Android you can change everything. I have been using the launcher Go Launcher Ex and the Android 2.3 gingerbread keyboard. I tried every other launcher available and most of them are a little twichy, Go Launcher has at least on my Droid X been super fast and very reliable. The other thing I replaced on the Droid X was the Email Client, I use Microsoft Exchange and I have found Touchdown to be an amazing application well worth every bit of the $20 that they charge for the app. Some of the original Droid X users were given Touchdown because out of the box the DroidX was really poor with Exchange Motorola is now of the opinion that their 2.2 update that came in Nov or Dec I dont know which fixed Microsoft Exchange Support. Well I beg to differ, I have 3 of them in our office and they all had their own weird issues most of which are related to contact sync issues. I think everyone should have an Android Phone Droid X is my favorite and I have tried them all.