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Welcome to EvlTech.

My Name is Kevin Whited,  I have lived in Ellicottville area since 2001.  I work full time at Meritool and  Toolsource.com an online Automotive Tool Retailer operating in Salamanca, NY.  I started EvlTech because I noticed a void of experienced Computer and Technical Services in this area, I have been providing PC and Mac support to many local businesses and residential customers.

Technology can be complicated, don’t let it overwhelm you, other people try to solve every problem with more hardware and more software.  My goals are different, I will help you use your existing technology to its highest potential and if necessary I can also help you make the right choice if your existing tools are not letting you get the job done.  My experiences with Meritool and Toolsource.com have given me access and experience with a wide range of Computers, Servers, and networking technology.   Wired to Wireless, Satellite to the dreaded dial-up, Pc’s and even Mac”s I can help you kill the bugs and get back to business.

I am available most nights after 5:30pm and weekends.

Kevin Whited

info @ evltech.com


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