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Slow Computer, Pop-ups, or general weirdness?computer_virus_animation_5c

You have most likely fallen victim to adware or spyware.  Viruses are very rare these days,  computers are far more secure than they used to be software can no longer jump un-prompted from machine to machine.  Most attacks and issues these days are the result of what we call phishing.  Sad hateful humans prey upon computer users who have become all too accustom to clicking close, exit and ok, they frequently pay for ads online that can mimic normal computer behavior which can trick you into installing things you shouldn’t and once you tell the computer its “ok” the rogue program has free reign to do whatever it wants to your computer most of the time they only install adware that generates popups and slow your computer but in some cases they can delete files and steal password data.

Its very important to keep your computer clean and protected by good anti-virus / anti-malware, I can help with that give me a call.

Business Networking
I have a lot of experience with small and medium business networks I can help you get your team working efficiently.

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Repair & Upgrades

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Everything can be fixed, but often it may be in your best interest to replace the device.  I will give you honest answers, I am in business to help people and businesses use technology more effectively.  You shouldn’t be calling me all that often so I wont charge you for endless bandaids when the device should really be replaced.  Its also important to note I don’t sell hardware but I will help you find the most cost effective solution to your problem.

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