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I have been a Windows mobile user for years, I think it is a great mobile device but has been eclipsed by the cool factor going with the IPHONE and the Android phones. My Samsung Omnia running Windows Mobile 6.1 is a touch screen phone that can run hundreds of thousands of applications available on the internet, Apple would like you to believe that the Iphone invented the Smartphone but the truth is that the Windows Phones and Blackberries have been around much longer, and are much more suitable for business applications. With the Addition of Android phones it makes it more difficult then ever to make a decision on a mobile device. I personally think that the Android is the best phone going, sure Apple still has a little better app store, but the open source nature of the Android platform has endless opportunity for growth. Although I do not have an Android phone yet (due to the contract limitations from my friends at Verizion) I have two employees who are running Android phones and I think they are simply amazing devices. Both are Verizon Wireless, while At&T would like you to think they have better coverage then Verizon that definitely isn’t the case in our part of the world. I have experienced both the HTC Droid Eris, and more recently the Droid Incredible, that phone is Incredible in every sense of the word, its FAST, has great features; Gps, facebook, google, and so on, tons of storage, and is simple to operate (for those of us blessed with the technology gene). I will say that this device would make my Mother and my Father go insane, and me as a side-effect, but that is the same for the Windows Phones and the Iphones. I still dont know if I will end up with an Android phone as Microsoft is set to release their new Windows Phones around the same time that my contract is up with my Omnia, but if I was to choose today between an Iphone or a phone like the Droid Incredible, I would definitely pick the incredible, and you should too.

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I have recently had a little experience with an IPAD, dont get me wrong this is a very cool device for viewing email, browsing the internet, and watching movies, but its use is limited for use as a business tool. I was surprised recently to see someone trying to print from an IPAD. I thought, hey no problem I will figure that out for you. Little did I know its not feasible at this point. While there are certain applications that allow you to print things like pictures to a limited number of printers, there really is not any way to print from an ipad, the recommended solution seems to be to sync it with your mac, and print from there, while that gets the job done, it definitely isn’t the most productive way to print. That said its obvious that the Apple monster is has and will continue to sell millions of these cute little devices, but in reality its nothing more then an overgrown IPHONE. Having used both briefly I think the Iphone is just as useful as the ipad, but there are always exceptions!

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